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Back to Pompeii

Kim M. Kimselius writes her books for children and teenagers, but parents and grandparents enjoy her stories immensely (if they manage to get a hold of them)!

After the blockbuster success with her first book, Back to Pompeii, in December 1997, Kim Kimselius has entertained and thrilled readers of all ages. Her stories are accurate in historical facts and full of details and she mixes the facts with fiction in a captivating way. The reader can't put the book down until the last pages are read and the adventure has come to an end. Readers of Kim's books enjoy a couple of hours of suspense and gain knowledge to last them a lifetime.

Back to Pompeii is Kim M. Kimselius first book in the Theo and Ramona series. The book was released in December 1997 and sold 11.000 copies in ONE WEEK!

Text on the back cover of Back to Pompeii:

Terrified, Ramona stared at Theo - suddenly everything was a nightmare.
Ramona is on a school-trip to the ruin town Pompeii. She is feeling sick from seeing all the castings of the people that died in the volcano eruption that wiped out the whole town. She sits down to rest and falls asleep.
When Ramona abruptly wakes up she finds herself in a live Pompeii. Ramona realises she has travelled in time during her sleep, to Pompeii, before the eruption! She is terrified. She knows that the town is going to be wiped out; all of its inhabitants are going to die. If she and Theo don't get out in time they will share their fate. But she doesn't know the exact time the volcano will destroy the town: in a hundred years, in ten years or in ten minutes…

What the reviewers had to say about Back to Pompeii:

"Has Blekinge got an Astrid Lindgren of its own? Having read Kim M. Kimselius' debut you might start to wonder." Blekinge Läns Tidning.

"Brings story to life... Inspiring description of the people and places..." Bohuslänningen
"A pleasant book of knowledge"... a fun way of learning..." Mitt Livs Novell

"What a success! Kim M. Kimselius' debut 'Back to Pompeii' has reached several thousand copies sold!" Hemmets Journal

"This book is great! Thrilling, amusing, sad and horryfying too - just as a good book should be!" Allers
"The suspense grows through the unexpected turns in the story." Åbo Underrättelse, Finland

"Back to Pompeii - the most successful book of the year in the children's and teenagers' category." Smålandsposten

"This is the debut of Kim M. Kimselius - the immense success of Christmas 1997 that gave her the honourable nickname 'the Astrid Lindgren of Blekinge'."

Do you want to read a sample from the book Back to Pompeii? Of course you do!
Please click here to come to the sample.

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For more information about Kim look here.

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