fredag 10 september 2010

Kim M. Kimselius books are MUCH better than the Twilight series!!!!

Earlier this week, Linda who has the fanblog: wrote a review on Boudica battle against the Romans.

I follow a bit the same track now, I think that Kim's books run over the Twilight series with its bestness! In other words. Kims books are MUCH MUCH better than Twilight series clearly!

I wrote this in a review :

Much better than Twilight!
Boudica battle against the Romans is a fantastic book that you have to struggle to put down. In addition, the book is much better than the Twilight series, if you ask me!It has everything you need, excitement, romance, sadness, joy and much, much more. You are the main characters in the book. You feel everything they feel and see everything they see. When you have finished reading the book you have been through an incredible journey and learned alot. It is a book everyone should read!

Hugs from Roxana :)

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