onsdag 4 maj 2011

From the beginning

Suddenly one day it happened: I was a writer! From one day to the next it changed my life. My phone went hot when the media called and wanted to interview me after my debut: My book, Back to Pompeii had sold 11 000 copies in first week. Then it was scary to be called Kimselius, I cried and did not want to be me anymore.

I understand that you think it sounds weird, but then you should know that I have never been driven to write to become famous. I write because the words are there, because they are bubbling inside me and demanding to get out. Furthermore, my dream has always been to put all those words in a hardcover, with my name on, as they could stand on my shelves as a real books.

At first when the dream came true it was terrifying, because there was so much more with the debut that than just getting to set up my very own book in my bookcase. There were interviews, television appearance, "at home" journal articles, and so on.

Still remember my first live television appearance, I was so nervous that I didnt know what to do with myself. Luckily I met Jojje Jönsson and Siv, you know, those who played in the comedy program "Stefan and Kris" for quite a few years ago. They were real celebrities and I made a total fool of myself when I met them, or maybe not ... For they were fantastic and gave me good advice about how I would behave myself before the camera. The most important council of all, that I have followed ever since, was: "Be yourself! If you try to be someone you're not, you will have difficulty remembering it the next time you are interviewed. When you become nervous and become someone completely different. Be yourself! "

I've always been myself. Maybe it wasnt so hard for me to "be myself" because I'm the type of person who thinks that no man is worth more than any other.

I had a bit difficulty to realise how big my debut really was, after all, it took a lot of books before I felt like I really was a real writer. The books stood there in my bookcase, I enjoyed them and felt happy, but still ... sometimes I had to pinch myself to realize that I really was a real established author, and not just that little eight year old who dreamed of becoming a writer and decided in such a young age to be. That was when I wrote my first book.

Since then I have written and filled the drawers with stories. Now, many of them are printed and have come out like real books, but many are still in boxes. Because I write new books all the time , because the words want to come out.

Now I've published seventeen books and feel like a real author and dare to present myself as one. In addition the book, eighteen and nineteen in script form and is being processed, to be submitted to the press in June.

Yes, I venture to say that I am a real writer now!

Curious about my books?

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