söndag 16 mars 2014

A New Blogger


My name is Sharon Elbaz and I'm the new blogger for this site. When Kim M. Kimselius herself asked me if I wanted to take over this blog, I could not refuse.

So, who am I, the girl who’s going to write to you from now on? I am a girl of 23 years old this year and have only for a few months realized that I actually am good at dealing with words. I have always had a good imagination so that was not a problem. Since a young age I’ve told stories for my younger siblings with stuffed animals, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I started to write. Since then I haven’t stopped.

When I was on a family party my cousin told me about a new book of hers called Back to Pompeii. At that point I didn’t know about the author Kim M. Kimselius, in fact I did barely now what an author was, but after reading her first book I would never forget Kim’s name again. The story captured me after just the first chapter and after that I was hooked. The tale of Ramona and her new friend Theo was like no one that I’ve ever read before. With me home from my cousin I brought all her books of Kimselius; Back to Pompeii, I am not a witch and The Course of Pharaoh.

Since then I’ve been a fan and I have many times been inspired of the woman who has published 28 books so far. Below you can see a complete list of Kim’s books that have been published up to the present.

I’m grateful for the confidence that Kim gave me by allowing me to write here and I’ll do my very best to update you all of all that concerns the writer Kim M. Kimselius!

The List of Kim M. Kimselius books:
  1. Back to Pompeii
  2. I am not a witch
  3. The Curse of Pharaoh
  4. The Hidden Inca Town
  5. Viking Thrall
  6. The Black Death
  7. Snapphanar
  8. The Guillotine
  9. The Knight’s Sword
  10. The Forgotten War 1808 – 1809
  11. A journey with Snapphanar
  12. The Chinese Dragon
  13. Kimberlie – Adventures in New Zealand
  14. Kimberlie – A new life
  15. Theo’s Pompeii
  16. Boudica’s Battle with the Romans
  17. Kimberlie – Strangers
  18. Life and Death in the shadow of the World War II
  19. The flight from terror of the World War II
  20. The Mayan Secret
  21. The Joy of writing
  22. The day everything changed
  23. Mysrys – Short stories
  24. Harry’s adventurous life
  25. The Pearl of Persia
  26. The ghost at the bog
  27. The Moonestone

And for the fun of it! Here are the upcoming books!
  1. Save my little brother, will be out in May 2014
  2. Anastasia’s destiny, will be out in August 2014
  3. The horror journey with Titanic, will be out in September 2014

If you click on the link you’ll be able to see the covers of all the books:

Don’t be a stranger. If you like what you read or if you don’t than please leave a comment! J

//Sharon Elbaz

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed. A very good start. Keep on the good work!
    Love Kim :-)