måndag 24 mars 2014

Monday Morning

When the alarm goes off and reminds you that it is the first day of the week then you should think about not going in to a depression at once. See the day as if it's your first day in a week of opportunities and try to find the joy of the week. Maybe you'll meet someone you have not seen for a long time or find something you have not done in a while. Look forward to the little things in life and you will see that life will be so much more fun and so even this week.

   “But, there's nothing this week that I look forward to, it’s just full of boring stuff”,  you might say.

At that I would reply that if that is the case then you have a assignment for today. Your mission is to plan something you enjoy doing. It might be to play a board game with your family or maybe just to read a book. A book I believe everyone should read every night and I have just the right author for you, an author who writes for both young and adult. Kim's books are exciting and educational. Try one of her books!

//Sharon Elbaz

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