söndag 13 april 2014

Writing Trip

I'm almost just back from sunny Turkey where I went to get away a little bit and just focus on one thing, my writing. Many would probably say that what I just did is called a Writing Trip, when you go off to focus on just their own writing, an occasion when you go away from everyday life and do a little mini vacation.

But must such a trip be to a sunny and exotic location? Who can afford to go to Turkey every other weekend to finish whatever you are writing?

Personally, I think a writing trip can be done in many different ways. It may be that you go to your summerhouse, although it would be a cold spring day and the heat is not running in the house. It may be a trip to the library or even a picnic at the nearest sea or lake. The meaning of a writing trip is to change the surroundings and not just sit at your writing desk or writing corner.

Can you fit a small excursion into your schedule? If not, it is possible to change a bit in the schedule? I think it works if you just want to.

Therefore I say; do it! Find a time and go away. Write! And if you do not write, then go off and read! Change the surroundings and doing something you have long yearned to do!

/ / Sharon Elbaz

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