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Writing with joy

This is what Kim M. Kimselius wrote writing with joy:

"Writing with joy is the name of my notebook, but it's not the one I 'm going to talk about today.

It's the joy of writing I want to tell you about. For me there is almost nothing better than to write, but it's not for everyone, that I know of all the letters and emails I get.

So how do you find the joy to write?

To me it's obvious to write to myself, if something I like, something I'm passionate about, something I want to convey to others.

This is not obvious to everyone. Many people write because they have a dream of becoming a writer, because they think that you have to write in a particular way, expressing oneself as a writer, using a special language, write a particular genre (mostly detective novels), or write so an editor will enjoy the story.

It's usually then it freezes. Because if you've decided to write a book, like a detective story, just because it is popular and can make you rich, but you do not have a that kind of story inside you, then it becomes all wrong.

If you are not good at finding the intrigue around a murder, or know how the murderer will be found, then there will be no good book because it forces you to write something you are really passionate about.

You should write about what you do best, whatever that is popular reading at the moment. You might have a romantic comedy within you, or a real harlequin story, with lots of love and sex. You might want to write something dramatic and sad, to tell you about something that has happened to you or someone in your vicinity.

It is only when you open up your thoughts and feelings and unleashes words you have within you that there will be joy in the writing.

Try to find your voice, your specialty and not lock yourself by rules and musts. Write on and feel how fun it is to let your fingers run up over the keys, or how the pen fills the papers with words.

Be glad for all the words you put on paper, instead of being sad and think that you have not posted enough. If it only gets a single sentence written during the day, you have at least posted something that you felt joy about when you wrote it.

As I write this text, I feel joy, because I am passionate about inspiring others to write and learn to find joy in writing. At the same time I'm filled with longing to write in my book, for it is so that the more you write, the easier it becomes. So it is with everything, the more you practice the better you get.

Sometimes when I'm lecturing in primary school, they usually get to write short stories based on a color. I urge them to write from the first color they see within themselves.

It tends to be magical stories. Like the little boy who saw black and then wrote a sad story about divorce and a lost dog. Someone else saw yellow and wrote on a lovely summer vacation in the countryside with his grandparents.

What kind of color do you see within you? Begin typing from that and then build on your story. Make sure to have fun and let the smile spread from your mouth through your body, feel joy when you write.

Good Luck!

Please look into Kimselius writing tips, http://kim-m-kimselius.blogspot.se/p/kimselius-skrivtips.html 

You can also find more tips on how to write with joy in my book To write with joy, which can be borrowed at the library, both as a regular book and e-book.

Hugs Kim M. Kimselius"

Are you up for the challenge? Write from your heart and enjoy the words that are coming from within you!

/ / Sharon Elbaz

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