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Kim's books in other languages

"Never had I dreamed that my books would be translated into other languages​​, the time I was eight years old I decided to become a writer . Now it's six languages ​​in total and several titles of each language. Here you can see them all:


Here is the English version of Back to Pompeii, Back to Pompeii. It is the latest translated book.


The very first translation was of Curse of the Pharaoh, Pharaoh Novo prokletstvo, to Serbian.

The second book, which was translated into Serbian was I'm not a witch, Ja nisam Vestica.

The third book translated into Serbian was Back to Pompeii, Povratak u Pompeju, which is actually the first book in the series.


Next translation of Back to Pompeii was Finnish. Paluu Pompeijiin.

The second book in Finnish was Pharaoh's curse, Faaraon Kirous. I like the Finnish book covers very much. I understand why the foreign publishers make use of the Swedish covers because they are so lovely.


The Norwegian Back to Pompeii, Tilbake til Pompeii, was supposed to be followed by I'm Not a Witch, but the publisher was closed and despite selling rights the book never published in Norwegian.


Then came the turn of Spanish Back to Pompeii, Pompeya Comienza la aventura. This book is the only one that has pictures interspersed in the text, has become a bit more of a textbook than a fictional book.


I'm so happy for my Icelandic translated books. The first book Back to Pompeii, Aftur til Pompei. The books have done so that I have visited Iceland twice. This particular book was named one of the year's best foreign language books for young people when it came out in Iceland in 2009.

Other Icelandic book is I'm not a witch, Ég you ekki norn.

Third Icelandic book is Pharaoh's curse, Bölvun Pharaoh. Here, the publisher decided to make their own covers. Which do you prefer, the Swedish or Icelandic cover?

The fourth Icelandic book that came out was The Guillotine, Fallöxin, which means that the publisher has skipped Hidden Inca, Viking thrall, the Black Death and Snapphanar. Something that has not passed by the Icelandic fans. They have contacted me and wondered if the books really come out in the order they were written.

Fifth Icelandic book is Knight's value, Töfrasverdid. When the book came out, I was in Iceland and lectured and the kids laughed at me when I tried to pronounce the Icelandic title.

Yes, that was the foreign books so far. It will hopefully be several more languages, always fun to get set the foreign books in the bookcase."

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